Infinite is Sound

Everything was deleted, but all is there whenever I see it. My cloud is infinite, and as real as a dream, but what can I speak, sounds memorized, as I go back to sleep.

By Misty Britskaya May 28th 2015


Orchid loves the sun

Was blooming in the sunlight you had shined my way,

The powerful sun, shining elsewhere, flowers wanting.

Blooming and fragrant giving.

As long as my sweet smells transpired to loveliness, My flower is satisfied, and petals drop off.

another time to bloom again, 

Orchids wait years, the right moment, drenched in rain drop tears.

Clear, and now disappear.

Roots snug deep, fallen asleep.

By Misty Britskaya 9:21pm April 29th, 2015


Love is in  Our DNA 

Love is in our DNA

Never laboratory, never fake.

The stronger ones conviction, the stronger felt in love,

In all the mitochondria filled cells from grandmothers hugs.

And brightness in wealth is this sequencing strands.

Science can’t plan for this powerful emotion. To love the sky filled world of spirits heard, birds song.

Every child belongs in the hearts of millions. Tiny infinate circles with energized power of chemical induced actions, natural selection knows nothing of past glancing. A love or want of something must be more than survival and living. The strongest heart felt, with a face to melt, and words heard strongly, DNA responding.

By Misty Britskaya, March 26th, 2015


Old Love 

 Someone far away. Any good reason, I’ll choose to look at instead. Easer to see the bad, then feel with your head. How do I know which blood is passing through? So kind my mother, All about taking care of milk and fish and canoe and hope, and land and life, and home and wife, and right and good, justice to be anything and family.  Old love carried, not forgotten.  Raised right directly by might the same words spoken millions of times of generations passed down. The unshaken ground, cedar crown. I inherited old love might.  Forever love right.

Prayed for a sewing, and weaving, but know one thing. I keep taking chances. I have only a feeling, beyond my own thoughts, carrying out everyday, crying I’m not. Never pity for myself, but always for someone else. Old love is alive in my blood, I feel it right now.

By Misty Britskaya March, 26th, 2015

School Girl Crush

Excitement blurs the heart, so many senses heightened and intense this hard to ignore resist, words finally digested.  It is me, Overwhelmed in this ground receiving fertilizer for the first time in years, spellbound. Only to help me grow.  I can’t let any weeds take hold and just enjoy what it was, blossom to what had touched. 

Was it all excitement? Feelings become blurred, I get loose with electrons bouncing around in multitudes and distances, reaching in all direction with that question to explain when it stirs the feelings of a lost space. Attention filled, overflow, I’ve said too much, and it is as if I want it to self destruct. That way I have all control, the loss of it is maddening, but I have to learn from this excitement and channel it towards something sane, and behave with a letting go, and accept I can’t predict what clouds will flow by, and oh, what form or shape they will take, or originate from the west, of Kamchatka, to Canada.  At rest on the jet stream dream.  I’m aware, that excitement is the feeling.  And all that I have thought was a school girl crush, I believe.

By Misty Britskaya, 12:20am April 24th, 2015

Sky Strong

I’m sky strong, I want to belong in this beauty before me.

I’m sky strong, how could it be wrong, this love before me.

I’m sky strong, I’m, I’m sky strong.

I’m, I’m sky strong.

Feel my courage, to produce it, have you heard it? Will you use it?

Obtrusive, lovely nuisance, buzz around me,

sting me often.

Watch me blossom, feel my cotton.

feel my long strong, lighting legs

wrapped around, like icing cake.

fitted cupcake, and bite in.

moist and fluffly clouds begin.

I’m sky strong, I want to belong in this beauty before me.

I’m sky strong, how could it be wrong, this love before me.

I’m sky strong, I’m, I’m sky strong.

I’m, I’m sky strong.

By Misty Britskaya, 12:00pm April 22, 2015